Own A Commercial Building? How To Keep Your Concrete Floor Looking Brand New

If you have a polished concrete floor in your commercial building, it's crucial that you take proper care of it. With proper care, your polished concrete floor will hold up well for many years. However, without proper care, it will look dull and lifeless. Not only that, but you could begin to notice signs of wear and tear, which won't look well in your commercial building. Luckily, it doesn't take much work to keep your concrete floor in tiptop shape. [Read More]

Not Just For Windows: 7 Fun Ways To Display Shutters Inside Your Home

Shutters add a stylistic and functional effect to your windows, but they aren't exclusively for windows. You can integrate shutters all over the interior of your home in intriguing ways. Here are some ideas to get you started. 1. Room Dividers Open plan homes are all the rage, but sometimes you may want to break up the space a bit—cue room dividers made from shutters. You can buy shutter-style room dividers, but you can also make your own. [Read More]

Three Things To Look For In Flooring To Ensure Pet Resistance

As a homeowner with a pet, your number one concern about the cleanliness of your home is likely the flooring. Even if your pet doesn't have accidents, pets are also notorious for dragging in mud, throwing up on the floor, and even scratching at the flooring. Here are three things to look for in any flooring you place to ensure that it is resistant to all these things that pets do: [Read More]

Three Tile Flooring Care Tips

Tile flooring can be an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing option for your home's floors. However, this type of flooring will require some basic care to keep it safe from routine forms of damage. To help care for their tile, new homeowners should make sure to follow these basic flooring care tips. Spot Test Tile Cleaning Solutions There are a number of cleaning solutions that are available for tile floors. However, it is a reality that not all of these cleaners are created equal as some may contain chemicals that are particularly harsh. [Read More]